Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Five advantages of home equity line of credit

How does a home equity loan work
The great way to utilize the equity of your house is to acquire a home equity loan. This article post how does a home equity loan work and five advantages of HELOC. The home equity loan grants the loan by considering the home’s equity as security.

The home equity line of credit or HELOC is a category of home equity loan. HELOC is a flexible rate loan. The first advantage of HELOC is that you can get the payment, as you want. With other kinds of loan, you will have a lump amount. Then the payment and interest are stable. However, with HELOC, you will gain a checking account or credit card that provides the way to use your funds. This allows you to access only the amount that you need. This is useful if you want money, but you are not clear about how much you need. The second advantage is that this type enables you to pay the interest only for the amount that you have used. You don’t have to pay for amount that stays idle. However, with the other types of loans, regardless of how much you have used, you are supposed to pay interest for the full fund. The third advantage is that the interest rate is low when compared with other kinds of second mortgages. The fourth advantage is that there are no charges for closing cost. This benefits you from adding these charges to your loan. The HELOC may come with some charges like annual fee or closing cost or you may charge for letting your money unused. These fees are avoidable, if you have reached the best dealers. The fifth advantage of HELOC is tax deduction in interest for each year.

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