Monday, 14 July 2014

History of diamond plates

Diamond plate was introduced in the middle of twentieth century and it was used in wide range of applications such as commercial, industrial and in military applications. The major use of the diamond plate is due to its anti slipping property, which provides more gripness in slipping floors. Diamond plates are used for interior purposes and for outdoor uses such as in steps in which the place turn out to be muddy or else wet. Diamond plates provide gripness to semi trucks and ambulances, which protect the patients inside it.
Due to the anti slipping property of the diamond plate, it was used in wide range of applications such as artistic purposes and it attracts people, which can be used for decorative purposes for molding, kicker panels and other variety of applications.
When compared to hot rolled aluminum and steel, diamond plates are also available in the stamped sheet form of the metal. This artificial diamond plate is cheaper and it is less in long lasting, however it provides gripness but its polish become dull sooner. Stamped diamond sheet of the metal is used for decorative purposes and due to its durability, it is not used in some of the applications.
Diamond plating is easily done with the use of right equipment. Diamond plate is a metal product, which is made of either aluminum or steel. In the diamond plate, there is a raised diamond pattern on one side of the diamond plate and other side of the diamond plate is featureless. Aluminum is a lightweight and cost effective material, which is used in constructive and commercial applications. To create a diamond pattern on aluminum, hot rolling should be carried out.

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